Line of Credit

Providing affordable, personalised offers to customers through a line of credit

Flexibility built in

Financier™ enables providers to have the flexibility to provide a line of credit for their customers.

The solution gives an alternative overdraft account whereby a drawdown is made against the available credit facility to allow the customer to access funds up to the agreed limit.

Customers can defer taking the full amount of the loan and will only repay the amount they use.




Personalisation in digital lending

The UK retail market has been revolutionised by digital lending - this is the start of the customer journey and enables expanded credit opportunities.

This relates to, in particular, a retailer’s ability to personalise the digital journey at customer level and drive the ability to provide customised credit terms.

By the use of technology, digital lenders are able to change their offerings and promotions daily for retail customers. Financier provides the ability to deliver a consistently personalised, on-brand experience for each individual customer effortlessly. The solution can interface with existing sites or via web services to an existing ecommerce platform, providing POS credit.

Our Insights

Retail sales growth slows in January

Latest British Retail Consortium (BRC) data has shown that sales were up by 1.2% year-on-year in January, marking a slowdown on the 1.7% rise recorded in December.

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‘Transformative’ or ‘Tough’: What Sort of Year Will BNPL Have in 2024?

Payments are arguably the face of fintech. When you think about financial technology, it is easy to think about solutions which are making payments faster, easier and more accessible.

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Consumer card spending grew by 3.1% in January

Consumer card spending grew 3.1 % year-on-year in January, less than the latest inflation rate of 4.2 %, yet higher than December’s growth of 2.3 %. according to latest analysis by Barclays.

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FCA to undertake work in the motor finance market

In 2021, the FCA banned discretionary commission arrangements. This removed the incentive for brokers to increase the interest rate that a customer pays for their motor finance.

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Consumer Borrowing Fell Sharply in December

Latest Bank of England (BoE) data has shown that consumer borrowing dropped sharply in December, suggesting the UK economy probably slipped into recession at the end of last year.

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Enhancing Retail Customer Engagement

In today’s retail battleground, it’s all about forging deep connections with customers. This isn’t just about sales; it’s about building loyalty, ramping up purchases, and turning customers into brand cheerleaders.

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