UK Trust Loans - case study

UK Trust Loans is a direct lender providing unsecured loans of up to £5,000, which are backed by a Guarantor. As a responsible lender, UK Trust Loans is focused on offering the best service and product most suitable to the customer’s needs.

In addition to a brand new website, Welcom implemented the Financier Loan Management System, giving both the Borrower and Guarantor clear visibility throughout the loan application.


The brief

Welcom worked with UK Trust Loans to develop a brand new website and implement the Financier lending platform to give UK Trust Loans the facility to offer guarantor lending

The solution

Welcom developed an end to end solution, which included:

  • Development of an engaging and user-friendly website.
  • Application consideration via 3rd party interfacing (CallCredit) including duplicate, credit checks and debit card validation, providing the user with a quick decision.
  • Ability to take auto leads from affiliate sites.
  • Integration of a Payment Gateway Provider.
  • A ‘My account’ section, allowing customers to view their history as well as apply for new loans.
  • Service hosting solutions including all hardware, hosting, firewalls, power, data back-up, telephone support and legislative changes.

The impact

Financier manages both the Customer and the Guarantor with an innovative online service that allows the Borrower and Guarantor to apply for a guarantor loan. Automated communications utilising email and SMS messaging allows both the Borrower and Guarantor clear visibility through out the application, acceptance and account management processes.