Freemans Grattan Holdings - case study

A new credit management system for FGH

Freemans Grattan Holdings, part of the Otto Group, concentrates on ecommerce. As a universal retailer, it operates various online marketplaces at, and – as well as women’s wear at sites including and

The challenge for Welcom was to develop a new system for Freemans Grattan Holdings to replace the current inflexible, predominantly mainframe-based, in-house developed systems which proved to be complex, time-consuming to enhance and costly to maintain.


The new system needed to include the following key points:


• Separate finance from the sales order processing mainframe system to work in a more industry standard manner.


• Provide a package solution where new functionality and legislative changes are incorporated.


• Produce a highly configurable solution where new brands and products could be launched using configuration only.


• Create a scalable product to meet Freemans Grattan Holdings current and future business requirements and volumes.


Welcom Digital configured a bespoke software solution using Financier's™ loan management platform

The bespoke Financier™ solution included:

  • Implementing their current products and brands and allowing new brands to be introduced by configuration
  • Migrating in excess of 5 million agreements
  • Workflow configuration to build a collections system allowing collections to be brought in house
  • Real time integration to the mainframe sales order processing system
  • Workflow configuration to build a flexible order authorisation process
  • Financier has been interfaced to existing printing system for statements and letters
  • Allowing functionality to be shared across brands

"Welcom Digital showed a high standard of knowledge, expertise, professionalism and research.” Spokesperson, Freemans Grattan Holdings.