Freemans unveils first customer credit offer in 13 years

Freemans is launching its first new customer credit offer in 13 years, Flexi3, which it will promote across all its owned channels as well as above the line, social, digital and TV.

The retailer’s campaign, which airs on 16 March, highlights the new Flexi3 credit offer, giving customers the option to split payments over three months with no interest, or spread the cost over a longer period, in addition to paying nothing for the first five weeks.

The campaign features a range of models of different ages, genders and sizes all wearing some of the latest fashion from the retailer in a variety of ‘flexible’ poses.

Canadian comedian and writer Katherine Ryan will provide the voiceover for the TV advert, which explains how Flexi3 works.

The 30 seconds adverts are set to run over the next seven weeks and will be promoted across all of Freemans’ owned channels, as well as above the line, TV, digital, paid social, YouTube and Pinterest.

The move comes as the online retailer has been pushing ahead with its transformation, growing share ahead of the market and increased shopper numbers.

Freemans’ chief customer officer Richard Cristofoli said: “Over the past few years, we have evolved the way we communicate our offer positioning ourselves as a vibrant digital department store, showcasing the very best of product, enticing new customers to shop with Freemans as our transformational journey continues at pace.

“Choice has always been an integral part and this has now been extended further to include newer more flexible ways to pay with the launch of Flexi3. We know that for many customers offering new alternative payment methods represents a key part of our value proposition. It’s why we have taken the decision to launch a brand-new credit offer.”

Chief credit officer Stuart Daniels added: “We know that shoppers often find credit confusing, so we deliberately designed Flexi3, with a great deal of customer research, to be as straightforward and easy to understand – with the option to split payments over three months with no interest, as well as paying nothing for the first five weeks.

“Credit, and accessible credit, will continue to be one of the cornerstones of our growth anchored around responsible lending and repayment with limits set at levels customers can afford.”

The move comes after Freemans launched its earliest Christmas campaign in 118 years in October, in response to customers starting their Christmas shopping “earlier than ever”.


Source:   Retail Gazette

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