Financier Loan Management Software

One of the leading software solutions for consumer and commercial finance
Financier Loan Management Software
Developed in partnership with some of the UK’s leading financial services organisations, Financier delivers a future-proof, scalable finance loan management system that will maximise your business potential and help minimise your business risk.

The Financier platform can manage both Commercial and Consumer finance including:

  • Secured Loans (commercial) or any type of security can be attached to a customer loan agreement, e.g. floating charge, personal guarantees,
  • Unsecured Personal and Commercial Loans with draw down facilities, providing conditions have been met.
  • Revolving Finance (commercial and consumer) – a facility is provided to the client and can be drawn against.
  • Asset Backed Loan – any type of asset can be secured or attached against a customer and agreement, also including Hire Purchase.


Many aspects of the Financier system are customisable including but not limited to the financial product definitions, both regulated and unregulated that govern the way accounts are processed, the rate tables (used for deriving interest rates, fees etc.), the credit scoring parameters, the workflow strategies and decision engine rules used throughout the application are all configurable by users with the appropriate permissions. All amendments are fully audited.

Welcom also provides financial website and portal design, development & integration to help deliver services to your customers and business partners.

Manage your Consumer or Commercial Finance business more efficiently

Financier from Welcom is designed to help you access and manage customer information more effectively. Here’s a brief summary about this flexible, windows-based solution for the Consumer and Commercial Finance sectors.

Automate your manual business processes

Whether you work with small scale or multi-site organisations Financier is the web-enhanced tool for you.

  • Customise Financier to your own needs
  • Control the tool using a simple windows-based interface
  • Deliver new products to the market quicker
  • Capture and retrieve customer details without having to re-key data
  • Generate account entries, balance sheets and P&L accounts

Manage your lending cycle with unrivalled functionality

  • Populate quotations and handle collections
  • Solve variable and fixed rate payment profiles
  • Accommodate multiple customer variables
  • Populate and print credit agreement and Direct Debit documents

Take control of workflow and broker processing

Gain the competitive advantage in your market and ensure the reliability of your operating systems.

  • Configure and implement business processes
  • Respond to change effectively
  • Configure arrears and default cycles
  • Populate queues for cross sell and re-solicitation
  • Manage commission calculation with user parameters
  • Post commissions processing to the integrated General Ledger

Process letters quickly and easily

Now you could extract information from your system to create professional letters either automatically or manually for any part of your business.

  • Merge information from the system into Microsoft Word documents
  • Define letters by business process
  • Define policy rules
  • Centralise information held about customers with multiple accounts
  • Integrate BACS, AUDDIS and ADDACS processing, also supports automated and ad-hoc debit and credit

Manage agreements more effectively

  • Highly flexible financial management tool with quotation and proposal function capable of solving variable and fixed rate payment profiles
  • Accommodates multiple insurance products, multiple fee types and interest and payment pauses
  • Has the ability to calculate advance, instalment rate and term
  • Provides the ability to populate and print pre-disclosure, credit agreement and direct debit documentation at the press of a button
  • Provides a fully integrated General Ledger

Instantly access all customer information

  • Comprehensive client data management to capture name, address, employer, bank, capacity calculator, income and expenditure, financial, marketing preferences and security details
  • Provides configurable mandatory data capture
  • Enables you to store and retrieve quotations to activate agreements and disbursal, removing the need to re-key customer data

Enabling your business to lend responsibly

  • For regulated agreement types we can provide a platform to help enable your business to lend responsibly and comply with FCA regulations, whilst following your business process

Financier Managed Hosted Solution

Bringing together the benefits of our leading Financier software solution along with a full managed hosting service, our managed hosted solution relieves responsibility for servers, management, applying updates, data security, firewalls and data back-ups whilst helping to streamline business processes, enhance data capture and improve speed of processing.

Responsibility for hosting management removed, including:

  • Supply of servers, power, cooling, humidity control, firewall, web security, Financier licenses, postcode lookups, fully integrated Financials (general ledger)
  • Management of servers, monitoring performance, applying updates including third parties, performing daily backups and storing off-site
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