About Us

A partnership that gets results
About Us

We offer loan management solutions for both commercial and consumer finance with our leading software Financier, developed by industry professionals with nearly 40 years experience.

Financier is a flexible solution and has transacted over 600 million pounds in loan and store card agreements for some of the leading high street retailers, blue-chip corporations and multi-national banks.

Financier’s unique modular system allows you to rapidly deliver new products to your chosen market, whether consumer or commercial, regulated or unregulated agreements.

Our solutions can be customised to your specific requirements ensuring that you have the right technology to manage your business processes.

Some of our clients have grown with us for over 20 years, secure in the knowledge that our technical expertise and commercial experience will continue to help them go from strength to strength.

For almost 40 years, Welcom Software has worked in partnership with companies to help them achieve their strategic goals. Our approach has given us a real, practical insight into the problems our clients face – and the most effective answers.
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