Welcom Digital to create 2nd graduate team in India!

2nd Graduate Team to be created in India following the success of the 1st team

Welcom Digital is currently recruiting for a SECOND graduate team in Bangalore (Bengaluru) India, following the success of the first team that was launched just one year ago.

Based in Bangalore, the current team has around 10 members. Here is what the current team have to say about their experience of working with Welcom Digital and Talent Anywhere.

Treesa J:

"As it is my first company the corporate world was new for me. Talent Anywhere & Welcom gave a platform for me to understand the teamwork and team management skills. Here the working atmosphere motivates me.

Supportive and helpful managers and teammates. I had an opportunity to learn and work in new platform (language) which helped me to improve my technical knowledge and growth.  I got the opportunity to learn new language Uniface and training on Financier. During our uniface training period, I was a part of a team who did a project on HMS.  Then I have worked on tickets, cross fixing and I have done check-in into the Financier on time.

This working experience has also helped me in personal growth and improved my self-confidence. I have learned time-management & work prioritization. I got chance to associate with colleagues from different parts of the country and shared knowledge."

Karthik R:

"Good environment, friendly colleagues and organized management. A pleasant experience overall. It was proper training that I went through; my knowledge about the domain has increased tremendously.

I have successfully completed technical and functional training. Worked on ticket and cross fix. Looking forward to work with Pune, Bangalore and UK colleagues. It’s a well-organized office and it gives space for employees to put in their views.

I have gained knowledge in Uniface and enhanced my communication and confidence."

Radhika YVS:

"My experience with Talent Anywhere & the Welcom team has been great so far, I have been able to learn a lot in an IT environment (Rules, Policies, Managerial Structure). All are very supportive and friendly.

I already had worked for 1.8 years as .net developer. Uniface is a technology which I heard about for the first time but my trainer made that training quite interesting. Along with the training, we developed so many screens in Uniface using different widgets/properties. This training is very helpful to work with the Financier.

I got exposure to new technology, work prioritization based on deadline, teamwork and employee-driven corporate policies. Frequent and friendly interaction with others and problem-solving ability keeps me motivated at work place.

On personal growth, I have enhanced internal communication within peers. I have learnt Oracle database scripting language on professional growth & have managed to work around deadlines."

Nirmal L:

"My experience with Talent Anywhere and Welcom has been good. I have been able to learn a lot in a short span of time. Basically, we have a small team and there is an opportunity to learn new things and have more visibility. The work environment is also very fast paced. I have built strong relationships with my colleagues and it is a great opportunity to interact with UK Team, I gained a lot of knowledge of both on functional as well in the technical side from UK, Pune and Bangalore teams. Overall I can say it’s a good company and I have started my career. I am looking for more career enhancements to come.

Training helped me a lot both in functionality and technology wise. I found it’s very interesting to learn new technology and I gained a more knowledge by building the new application (HMS) in the training period. I have gone through the process of Welcom thoroughly and also I have learnt how to write technical documentation like performing unit test cases, preparing estimation document for the assigned task, ticketing tool. Finally, I had Financier training which helps me to learn knowledge about the product.

Work Environment is so friendly and fast paced. Day to day learning and tackling complex and challenging problems leading to being creative solutions keeps me motivated.

I have learnt and contributed on Uniface, Financier and on basics of Uniface Web application, SQL (Stored Procedures) and Oracle (Stored Procedures). I have completed few development tasks on client projects and few cross fixes as well."

If you would like to find out more about joining this second Graduate team, please email your C.V. /Résumé to hiring@talentanywhere.com 

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