Welcom Digital is delighted to welcome a second graduate team in India!

Second graduate team appointed following the sucess of the first team

Welcom Digital is delighted to welcome a second graduate team in India! The second team of graduates, comprised of 12 members in our Pune office and 5 people in our office in Bangalore, have been introduced following the success of the first graduate team that was introduced just over one year ago.

Welcom Digital's Director of Operations, John Barrow, is currently over in India to personally welcome the new graduates to the team.

John said,   "I am delighted to welcome the second graduate team to our operation in India, just one year after we created our first, very successful, graduate team. The new team, comprising of 17 people across two different locations will further strengthen Welcom Digital's development capacity and the future of our continuous product development. I have traveled to India to personally to congratulate everyone for making it through the stringent recruitment process and welcome our new graduate team into the Welcom Digital family.

I wish to thank everyone involved in this successful graduate recruitment who all worked to very challenging deadlines and met every one. A great team effort, well done everyone!

I look forward to working with all our graduates, those recently completing the program and the new team, integrating them into our larger development teams, across India and the UK.".

Colleagues from both the UK and India offices work very closely together and constantly communicate using digital comms/video conferencing/Skype. All teams within the business are comprised of team members across India and the UK to achieve a seamless operation.

Staffing and recruitment in India is managed in partnership by Welcom Digital and Talent Anywhere.

  • Michelle Kerwin
  • India, Graduate Team

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