Commercial/Consumer Finance

Commercial/Consumer Finance
Welcom is one of the UK’s foremost providers of lending software, with our Financier solution firmly established in many leading financial institutions.

Financier Loan Management Solution

Welcom offers complete financial software platform that can be fully integrated with your business; we create fully scalable financial information systems tailoring existing products or developing new ones. In addition, we create bespoke solutions for almost any given scenario. We are committed to offering the best support available to all our clients with solutions designed to keep our clients systems available and reliable. For regulated agreement types we can provide a platform to help enable your business to lend responsibly and comply with FCA regulations, whilst following your business process.

The Financier platform can manage both Commercial and Consumer finance including:

  • Secured Loans (commercial) or any type of security can be attached to a customer loan agreement, e.g. floating charge, personal guarantees,
  • Unsecured Personal and Commercial Loans with draw down facilities, providing conditions have been met.
  • Revolving Finance (commercial and consumer) – a facility is provided to the client and can be drawn against.
  • Asset Backed Loan – any type of asset can be secured or attached against a customer and agreement, also including Hire Purchase.

Many aspects of the Financier system are customisable including but not limited to the financial product definitions, both regulated and unregulated that govern the way accounts are processed, the rate tables (used for deriving interest rates, fees etc.), the credit scoring parameters, the workflow strategies and decision engine rules used throughout the application are all configurable by users with the appropriate permissions. All amendments are fully audited.

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