The simple way to tailor your Welcom Solution to your business
Workflow enables any Welcom Software solution to fit your business processes exactly, for easier workflow management.

Screen flow is presented in real-world order, intuitively guiding your users through the screens relevant to their role hat will enable them to perform a particular task.

Our Business Process Management (BPM) software package coordinates your front office activities and automates the back office systems within the same environment. Consequently, workflow management is simple and straightforward, with a real-time view of the business measured against key performance indicators.

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Effective & Flexible Business Process Management

  • Workflow is a full Business Process Management product with integration adapters built-in to transfer data between your existing office applications. By modelling your individual business process requirements, it is possible to increase efficiencies and minimise mistakes
  • Workflow software ensures the user completes a step-by-step procedure, with built-in validation to ensure that each step has been successfully carried out
  • Workflow also gives you the flexibility to alter your business processes dynamically with minimal cost implications
  • The data flow engine enables you to generate screens, manipulate data, automate messaging, and follow a controlled path set by your own business rules

Simplifies task management and improves efficiency of users

  • The user task queue offers a global view of ‘things to do’. Tasks are queued and assigned to a group of users to be processed in priority order
  • Users are only able to see tasks relevant to their role as the task queues mirror specific business processes
  • Task assignment helps the user perform the necessary functions by presenting actions appropriate to the job in hand
  • Incomplete tasks can be reassigned by ‘super-users’, who are in charge of a business process. This ensures tasks are not held up when a user is unavailable

Enables the automation of specific tasks

  • Workflow software provides an automated task queue which enables tasks to be assigned and processed in the background
  • Tasks can be forward dated to be carried out a pre-defined date and time in the future, for example generating a letter or status report, performing a credit score on a customer, updating a flag in a database or inserting a new record
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