Financials Accounting Software

Designed by accountants for accountants
This visionary financial planning software package offers far more than a simple, functional approach to financial management.

The unmatched flexibility of Financials means that it can meet the demands of a diverse and conflicting range of financial management needs, without the need for time-consuming and costly modifications.

Financials accounting software is able to integrate and analyse a whole range of information from across the business, providing staff with the data they need, on time and in an appropriate format. Financials features a multi-dimensional accounting structure, allowing flexible allocation, tracing and analysis of revenue and costs across centres, regions, product lines and projects.

For information on financial management for the financial services market, take a look at our Financier commercial lending software.

Welcom Financials provides a fully integrated, user-friendly accounting suite to sit at the heart of your SME business. Multi-company, multi-ledger and multi-currency, Welcom Financials offers completely open access to data for preparing management information.

Flexible and future-proof

Welcom Financials has the flexibility to meet your business requirements now and in the future. From SMEs to local government, Welcom Financials can be customised to provide the level of functionality that best suits your business needs.

Scaleable and secure

From just a few users in a single office to hundreds over a wide area network, Welcom Financials is reliable, robust and secure at all levels. Customer-defined, user-level security ensures your data remains safe at all times.

Easy and intuitive to use

Your day-to-day financial transactions are easier to input with a simple, easy-to-use Windows-style interface.

Seamless integration

Welcom Financials integrates seamlessly with Welcom’s class-leading Intrail and Financier solutions. It also supports third party systems, with import and export pathways including direct file, XML or API for easy data transfer.

When you import securely from external systems, all data is verified and any errors or omissions are reported before being accepted into your system.

Real-time information

Welcom Financials eliminates the need for day-end routines. You can see transactions in real-time, saving you time and effort and ensuring there is only ‘one version of the truth’. You’ll also enjoy faster decision making, adding real value to your business.

Analysis and reporting

Powerful and flexible reporting features give you rapid access to all your financial and management information. You can also dissect your data to understand profitability by customer or product group for more effective analysis and reporting.

All of your data, including statistical information derived by the system, is recorded in a single integrated database. You can produce standard operational and management reports at the touch of a button, as well as additional ad-hoc reports, KPI analyses and executive dashboards using industry-standard tools such as Cognos, Crystal Reports and Excel.

Improved Decision Making

Access to real-time information, combined with comprehensive analysis and reporting tools, ensure your managerial decision-making process is more timely and accurate.

Welcom Financials adds real value to any business

Streamlines and improves the timeliness of business
critical financial information

  • Allows one financial software system to be operated across a wide range of database and hardware combinations
  • Users can move freely between companies or departments to gain a wider perspective of the business
  • Simple to navigate screens make it straightforward to display information and retrace steps

Automates manual tasks and flow of information

Financials automates manual tasks and the flow of financial documents to speed up decision making and reduce the cost of processing transactions. By driving the processes and movement of information, the system ensures that tasks are completed correctly, in the right sequence and on time.

  • Transaction processing system carries out routine and repetitive tasks from inception to completion
  • Allows users to view relevant information without extensive custom programming or time consuming modifications
  • Proactively warns users to carry out a specific action or check data
  • Focuses on reducing time and effort involved in processing transactions

Addresses the need for varied reporting structures

Today’s finance departments have to rise to the challenge of providing sophisticated financial information to colleagues at all levels of the organisation. Financials is capable of transforming raw data into suitable reporting formats for different levels within the organisation.

Evolves with your business

Financials is designed to grow and evolve with your business, offering responsive and flexible technology.

  • Retains underlying architecture whilst exploiting new and emerging technologies
  • Welcom-Link module enables your financial software to integrate seamlessly with other business applications and external systems
  • Application Server module provides complete flexibility in partitioning data across clients and servers as the business grows
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