Document Management

Improving efficiency in the workplace
Document Management software stores and organizes documents of any type, including electronic files and email, in one common document pool. These documents are then available quickly and easily as valuable knowledge, at any time and from any location

Electronic document management can improve your efficiency and staff satisfaction, as well as enhancing the quality of service you offer your customers

State of the art software for integrated document management

  • Automatically processes any type of document regardless of its source; with internal control procedures that help you meet audit requirements.
  • Document Management imports documents, classifies them, adds a full text index and makes them available for onward processing.
  • Additional Records Management functions ensure that all access is secure, controlled, and logged.

Enables expansion throughout your company

  • Enhanced with workflow functionalities, Web Content Management and universal integration functions, Document Management provides powerful Enterprise Content Management (ECM) functionality for enabling expansion.

Simplifies document management and drives efficiency

  • Makes information available from any location
  • Only one document pool for all documents
  • Simple search function enabling fast retrieval of documents
  • Optimum security
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