Working together for your business
Welcom Software only choose the very best partners to ensure our solutions deliver the security, adaptability and performance your business needs.

Together with some of the world’s leading software developers we can tailor a solution specifically to meet your requirements.

Since 1989, Albany Software has been developing software to transform the delivery of documents, data and funds. They provide a portfolio of powerful, integrated software solutions to meet the immediate and future needs of businesses of any type and size.

Albany Software is a leading authority in the e-business marketplace and has already enabled over 12,000 customers to benefit from process automation, increased efficiency and significant cost reductions. Over the years, Albany has developed a range of strategic relationships with key business partners, ensuring their solutions and services are of exceptional quality. Working with only the best, Albany’s partner network includes world renowned, well respected organisations which have chosen to partner with them, substantiating their reputation and credibility.

Compuware is one of the world’s leading independent software vendors. Its Uniface 4GL product is designed to deliver business-critical applications built for performance, quality, robustness and, crucially in today’s environment of non-stop change, adaptability. Welcom Software uses Uniface to ensure your solution can meet and exceed your demands.

Docuware is an award-winning Electronic Document Management Solution. It is simple to use and offers complete integration, flexibility and scalability. Running standalone or with your Welcom applications, it is a low maintenance solution which can significantly cut your cost of ownership.

Oracle is the world’s biggest supplier of software for information management and the world’s second largest independent software company. Its database, tools and application products, along with related consulting, education and support services, are used in more than145 countries round the world.

BI Inform is a leading IT software provider specialising in business integration. Founded on best-of-breed principles, BI Inform delivers only the highest quality software products and services to major businesses and organisations around the world.

Compass Software, part of Torex Retail, is the UK’s leading provider of planning, design and decision support solutions to retailers, suppliers and brands. Compass enables them to maximise profitability, optimise supply chain performance and gain competitive advantage.

ReadSoft is the world’s foremost supplier of software for Document Automation. They develop and market powerful, cutting-edge software enabling both large multinational companies and small local organisations to run their businesses more efficiently while saving costs.

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